Multifunctional banquet hall

Multifunctional banquet hall (Location: second floor of the hotel)

The soft green image and penetrating design are used to connect the space. The multi-functional banquet hall is equipped with movable screen, which can be divided into Pearl hall, coral hall and shell hall. It is suitable for all kinds of meetings and small banquet activities.
Comfortable meeting space and diversified and perfect leisure facilities make you a vibrant meeting holiday.

Banquet hall venue fees

Capacity per small hall: 30-40 people

Rental fee per small hall: 3000NT + 10%

full capacity : 100-120 people

Full rental fee: 9000NT + 10% (10% discount)

Full open area: 60.16 ping type of meeting: classroom type, theatre type, U-shaped video conference, etc… (can be adjusted according to needs)
The meal per person is charged per person, and the extra coffee and refreshment items are
charged NT 150+10% per person:

1. coffee. (Can be added)

2. Small biscuits. 1 species.

3. Delicate cake. 1 species.

NT 250+10% per person:

1. Coffee and juice 1. (Can be added)

2. Small biscuits. 1 species.

3. Exquisite cake. 2 kinds.

NT 350+10% per person:

1. Coffee and juice 1. (Can be added)

2. Small biscuits. 1 species.

3. Exquisite cake. 2 kinds.

4. Customized salty point. (Can be adjusted according to demand)

1. If the rental is less than 4 hours, it will be calculated as 4 hours.
2. The venue rental includes: one set of projection equipment, two wireless microphones, podium, conference paper, pencils, check-in table, self-service tea and water. (Coffee and refreshments are not included)
3. If the venue is used across time periods, the rental fee for the next time period will be charged, and the price will still be charged as 4 hours.
4. Parking: Free parking is provided.
5. After the venue is used beyond 22:00, NT$6000 will be charged per hour.
6. If you need to enter the venue in advance to arrange the venue, the first hour will be provided free of charge, and the fee will be charged according to the venue rental standard for more than one hour.
7. The installation of projection equipment is NT$500 for four hours (fixed electric screen). More than one hour will be charged according to the rental standard

《Classroom Type》


《U-shaped video conference》

《Banquet hall table dishes round table》

If you need a detailed description, welcome to call and we will reply to your needs as soon as possible. Thank you!

*The hotel reserves the right to modify. The price or time is subject to change without notice. Please call 08 – 8 882 2666.