Fun Go-Kart-1/F

  Fun Speed

Location: 1/F

a relaxed and exciting tail-flick thrill, and a good experience without worrying about safety and fines.

Service Hours: 14:00-16:30

(In case of thunder, lightning, rain, falling mountain wind, it will be opened according to the safety assessment of the on-site staff)

For ticket purchase, please contact at the lobby counter or discount package

Per Person


6 minutes

two Seats

(adult + child)


6 miutes

1.Please follow the instructions of the on-site personnel and the precautions for admission to avoid accidents.

2. Based on safety considerations, only children over 6 years old can enter the venue without parents (guardians must be over 20 years old) monitoring the venue.

3. The weight limit of the equipment is less than 90 kg.

4. You need to wear shoes and a helmet.

5. The tailgating car itself only has the accelerator and no braking system. Before reaching the end, please decelerate early.

6. The arrow on the steering wheel is the driving direction, please hold your hands tightly during the whole journey.

7. Do not use the tail flick lever on the car.

8. For safety, please do not collide with other vehicles or stick your hands and feet out of the window.

9. The duration of each activity is 6 minutes. Please follow the guidance of the staff to park at the designated location after the activity, remove the equipment and leave.

10. Please do not bring food, beverages, pets and dangerous items into the venue. Eating, drinking and chewing betel nut and chewing gum are completely prohibited in the venue.

11. Please take good care of your belongings, if lost or stolen, the company will not be responsible for safekeeping and compensation.

12. If you have a fever (forehead temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees), infectious diseases or special conditions, such as heart disease and epilepsy, please do not enter the venue.

13. If you find that the children entering the venue are unwell, please help notify the service staff in the venue.

14. The company reserves the right to modify the content. For complete information, please refer to the announcement on the site and the official website.